Jay Harrison

Elect Jay Harrison for Secretary –Treasurer Music Professionals of Manitoba

Local 190 Canadian of the Federation of Musicians

For 26 years I have worked on behalf of Professional musicians in Ontario and Manitoba and for the last several years as a member of the Executive of the Canadian Conference of Musicians ,the representative body of all our Music Unions, for the common good of professional musicians from coast to coast.

On November 1st I gave up my Presidency of Local 190 and was appointed to the Office of Secretary –Treasurer of Local 190. I have been training for this new position for the last 6 months when former Secretary-Treasurer Tony Cyre made it be known to our Executive Board that he would be stepping down. I have been the Vice President of one Canada’s largest Music Unions, the Ottawa-Hull District Federation of Musicians (Local 180) and here at local 190 for 17 years I have been an Executive Board member, Vice President, and President. I have also had a long and very interesting career as a full-time professional musician in Canada, and have performed extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. (Please see Résumé for more info.)

I’m essentially as the Secretary –Treasurer operating in the midst of my 4 year plan. It began while I was VP and President with initiatives to rebrand our organization with a name change to Music Processionals of Manitoba to open up our membership to many others employed in the music industry, a full rebuild of our website to more of a work attracting model and to provide to each member of our association the opportunity to establish an online profile.

My work has just begun. I will move to greatly increase participation by our membership on our website, identify all employers of live music in Manitoba, and embark on a strategic plan of publicizing our association to these employers and the general public. My vision is that the Music Professionals of Manitoba will be the go to organization for Manitobans who wish to purchase live music and music related services. My plan is to increase your quality musical work opportunities. (Please see Election Platform for more info).

I can’t complete this action plan without your help. For the first time in 4 decades we are having an election for the Office of the Secretary–Treasurer. After 26 years of dedicated service to Canadian Music Unions and their member musicians I have garnered the experience, the knowledge, the vision and the drive to move Local 190 forward in a dynamic, positive direction.

I am humbly asking for your vote on December 10th to allow me to continue my work as Secretary- Treasurer, to serve you and Local 190 to the very best of my ability.

In Solidarity,

Jay Harrison